fluxcess headquarters in the coworking space, Osnabrück

The company’s headquarters have moved to Lower Saxony. Today, the unter Kollegen Coworking team has mounted the wonderful company nameplates. We are proud to belong to the very first settlers within the brand new coworking space, and are looking forward to experiencing a fluxcess story, beginning in Osnabrück, the city of peace.

Firmenschild fluxcess (außen)

The fluxcess team is strongly commited to the progressive concept of coworking. It supports and underlines the dynamic approach to technology and business represented by the brand fluxcess.

First customer inquiry: by invitation only!

Today we have received our first customer inquiry.

The prospective client wishes to send a personalized, printed invitation letter to their visitors.

Invitation mass letter

The guests may login …

fluxcess booking login form

… and choose if they participate in the evening event, the common breakfast event, or both.

Choice of evening event and breakfast

The customer wants to be able to export the final list.

Not a problem for fluxcess at all – this is a standard requirement. We can provide them with a wonderful registration web site and a great export.

We were able to provide a cost estimation directly on the phone – and delivered the official offer and mockup just some hours later. Guest lists for events are our specialty!